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Small Business Cash Advance

Working capital in 5-7 days with minimal paperwork

Brought to you by RapidAdvance

How it works:

It is a cash advance against future credit card sales.
It is not a loan: it's a cash advance.

The cash advance is paid back by deducting a percentage of each day's credit card batch.
RapidAdvance offers capital when traditional lending institutions may not. The amount of the cash advance is based on your average monthly credit card volume. You will receive immediate working capital for your business within 5-7 days with minimal paperwork.

Basically, RapidAdvance “purchases” a portion of your future sales at an agreed-upon discount.

It is almost like saying, “We believe your business will grow. Therefore, we will advance you a percentage of that growth, and recoup it by taking back this percentage from your daily Visa/MasterCard transactions. We do not touch any other part of your cash flow – only credit card transactions.”

Who Should Apply?

The cash advance is an ideal funding solution for small to mid-size restaurants or retailers who need cash to: