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Electronic Check Processing

The banking industry is quickly transitioning into the electronic world. The federal government is pushing each state and all financial institutions to turn paper checks into electronic data. No longer will merchants be physically driving to their banks and depositing checks. Instead they will be using back office scanners/imagers, recurring billing software or Internet websites to transmit transactions electronically to banks.

Merchant Professionals has partnered with Jack Henry ProfitStars to be our Electronic Check back-end processor. Utilizing the Cirfin web-based solution, you have the ability to accept payments from credit cards and/or electronic check processing.

Jack Henry ProfitStars provides electronic check processing services for over 5,900 financial institutions nationally. They are the nation’s largest and most successful company in the electronic check banking industry.

Electronic Checks

Deposit checks at your point of sale!

Paper Checks: ACH vs. Check 21

When paper checks are scanned and remotely deposited to the bank, they are required to go by one of two methods:

  1. ACH
  2. Check 21

Both ACH and Check 21 transmit check payments electronically. There are 2 differentiating factors that define whether a check is sent through as a Check 21 or an ACH transaction.

  1. Type of Check
    1. ACH = Consumer Checks Only
    2. Check 21 = Business, Bill Pay, Cashier, Money Order, Travelers, Official, Third Party, Credit Card and Government checks And consumer check writers that have requested to opt out of ACH processing. These checks can be rerouted and sent through as a Check 21 transaction.
  2. Transmittal Method
    1. ACH – Image of the check is captured, but only the MICR line data (Bank Account DDA and Routing Number) is transmitted.
    2. Check 21 – Image of the front and back of the check is captured. The image plus the MICR line data (Bank Account DDA and Routing Number) is transmitted.

Remote Deposit Capture - Accounts Receivable Check Conversion (ARC), Back Office Conversion (BOC) and Check 21

This robust, Web-based image capture, storage and processing solution enables companies to deposit paper checks of all types electronically. With the passage of the “Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act” (Check 21), paper checks can be cleared electronically through the process of check imaging and image exchange, and/or converted to ACH transactions for collection. Least cost routing and speed of collection are optimized via these solutions.

ProfitStars’ technical infrastructure provides secure check processing. Check 21 allows a company to process any type of check, including corporate checks, consumer checks, cashiers checks, third-party checks and money orders. Duplicate deposit items are prevented. Our Remote Deposit Capture product offers optional courtesy amount recognition (CAR) and legal amount recognition (LAR) in lieu of key entry.

ProfitStars offers value-added services that insure greater accuracy, help streamline the conversion process, help identify errors and reduces risk. We can perform item proofing for deposits.  Any required MICR repair is handled by our staff.  Additionally, we ensure that the files are balanced.

Remit Plus - Accounts Receivable Check Conversion (ARC) and Check 21

ProfitStars offers a thick client, software based remittance processing solution for high volume check and coupon accepting businesses.  This solution accommodates coupons/payment stubs and supports CAR/LAR and OCR at the business site.  Commonly used by utility companies, telecommunications companies and other businesses that process remittance items with payments received via mail or a drop box, Remit Plus processes both ACH (ARC) and Check 21 check conversion. Remit Plus delivers cost savings, speed and innovation and eliminates many of the liabilities associated with checks.

last minute trip to the bank

Eliminate last minute trips to the bank to do your deposits.

Back Office Conversion (BOC)

ProfitStars' Back Office Conversion solution allows organizations that accept checks at the point-of-sale to convert paper payments into ACH debits. Eligible checks are converted to BOC transactions in a single location, away from the point-of-sale. BOC is fast and eliminates many of the costs and liabilities associated with paper check acceptance. Deposits are automatic and electronic, eliminating time-consuming trips to the bank. BOC is cost-effective, increases operational efficiency and is easy to implement.

Point of Purchase Check Conversion (POP)

ProfitStars delivers cost savings, speed and innovation for merchants’ point-of-sale check processing. When a merchant accepts a check at the point-of-sale, it can process the payment electronically using POP. POP is fast and eliminates many of the costs and liabilities associated with paper check acceptance. Deposits are automatic and electronic, eliminating time-consuming trips to the bank. Payments are processed as POP transactions through the ACH Network.

Internet Checks (for ecommerce sites)

This process provides an affordable way for corporate and merchant customers to accept checks over the Internet. The Internet Checks solution reduces costs and provides merchant customers with a convenient payment alternative to credit cards. With ProfitStars, consumers can go to their merchant’s Web site to initiate a one-time payment, or even schedule automatic recurring payments. Payments are then processed as WEB transactions via the ACH system.

Telephone Checks

The Telephone Checks solution is an affordable way for merchants to accept checks over the telephone and provide their customers a convenient payment alternative to credit cards. To process a payment, call center personnel simply key-enter the customer’s account information into ProfitStars’ secure Web site. Payments are then processed as TEL transactions via the ACH system.

Preauthorized Payment and Deposit (PPD)

This solution provides a simple, low-cost method for setting up and processing recurring payments. With a customer’s signed authorization, companies can automatically withdraw funds from their customer’s bank account. It doesn’t matter if it is set up as a one-time payment or an infinite number of payments. An assortment of scheduling options are available that can accommodate virtually any payment plan. The system can be used to refund customers, or to send electronic payments to vendors or employees. Payments are processed as PPD transactions via the ACH system.

Corporate Credit or Debit (CCD)

By using this solution, a corporate customer or merchant can consolidate or distribute business-to-business payments electronically. With authorization, a corporate customer or merchant can make and receive payments from companies they currently conduct business with. To process a payment, the corporate customer or merchant simply logs onto ProfitStars’ secure Web site and initiates a transaction. Payments are then processed as CCD transactions via the ACH system.

Re-presented Check (RCK)

ProfitStars offers a more efficient way to electronically re-present and collect paper checks that have been returned to merchants for insufficient funds. Businesses may choose to have any items that return for insufficient funds automatically re-deposited. If, after the permitted number of presentments, the item is unpaid, the financial institution forwards any returned checks to ProfitStars for collection. Upon receipt of the returned check, the paper item is imaged, data is entered and the check is electronically re-presented through the ACH Network. Upon collection of the item, the merchant receives 100 percent of the face value of the check.