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The Power of Gift Cards

to increase profits...

What if your customers invited other customers to your store and even gave them money to spend in your store?

How would you like it if those newly referred customers spent that gift money, and then spent some more?

Some of those customers won't even spend the whole value of the card, allowing you to keep that money. Tell me howarrow down

to build store loyalty...

Gift cards are cheap marketing. Gift cards turn word-of-mouth into a plastic billboard in your customer's pocket.

38% of card holders take two or three visits to spend the full value of their gift cards. That gives you a couple chances to make a good impression.

We hear that many customers like to load up their cards repeatedly, giving family members convenient access to their their stored value, and bringing you many return visits.

to save you money and time...

Electronic gift cards are more secure than paper gift certificates, minimizing fraud and loss, and if they are lost by the recipient, the remaining value can be loaded on a replacement card.

Gift cards are easier to administer than paper certificates. Reconciliation is easier and point-of-sale transactions are faster and simpler.

Average Loaded Value:

From statistics we have been able to find, avg loaded value was $48 in 2004. In 2005 a survey said that 80% of cards were loaded with something between $11 and $50. And in 2006 they found that 50% of cards were loaded with $26 to $50.

Try it out!

Download this gift card worksheet and try out some Return On Investment (ROI) scenarios. Try it out and take a look at the truly impressive return on investment.

The statistics around gift cards sound very promising, and in our client's experiences they have been great.

Your customers want them

Gift cards have become very popular in recent years. 75% of those surveyed in 2006 said they had given or received a gift card.

Customers like them because they are an easy gift idea that saves them time and guarantees that their gift will be enjoyed.

Recipients like them because they can get what they want, and even treat themselves to something special.

Use Your Existing Terminal

Electronic gift cards work with a wide variety of credit card machines, so you will most likely be able to use your current equipment.


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