Credit Card Processing since 1999


Wireless Credit Card Processing:

Who needs it?

Pizza delivery, taxi service, package delivery, door-to-door sales, home maintenance, contractors...any business that travels to the customer.

Mall Kiosks, craft show vendors, flea markets, farmer's markets, concerts, fairgrounds...any business location that is temporary

Stadium vendors, outdoor cafés...any business location where the customers are a long way from the register.

Wireless terminals create an excellent way for a business to accept credit cards so they can get paid while on the road or on location. It’s a perfect solution for businesses in mobile sales such as pizza delivery and other “food” or “non-food” package delivery services. Door to door sales, home maintenance, contractors, and other “cash on delivery” type businesses can also benefit from this technology.

Verifone vx610 wireless credit card terminal

The Verifone vx610 is a dynamite little mobile payment terminal. It's battery operated, connects to WiFi, CDMA cellular or GPRS. It even has a printer.

Industries that benefit from wireless processing: