Credit Card Processing since 1999



Mail & Telephone Order Payment Processing

Fraud Prevention Utilizing AVS and CVV2

Used in compliance with Visa® and MasterCard® key entered requirements, these features minimize fraudulent transactions.

Maximizing Cash Flow

Accept a Corporate Credit Card, with split second approval time, versus mailing out an invoice and waiting for payment.

Speed of Payment

Payment within 24-48 hours, instead of 45 days or more. Credit card processing cuts down on accounts receivables, and there are no more “Late” notices to mail out.


Available software that has Internet connectivity, recurring payments and batch authorization capabilities.

Via WARP (PC Software) or Virtual Merchant (Payment Gateway)

These real-time credit card processing and reporting systems leverage the power and speed of the Internet. They help reduce fraud losses and save time and money with powerful features and performance at the point-of-sale.

Software Integration and Certification

will facilitate software companies to become certified on the Elavon (formerly NOVA) Network, thus allowing you to use your in-house POS Software as your credit card acceptance module.


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